8th Marine Brigade (Reserve), Philippine Marine Corps

Welcome to Marine Forces Reserve Central

8th Marine Brigade (Reserve), Philippine Marine Corps

(A Marine Reserve Unit and Force Provide/Multiplier of the Philippine Marine Corps in Central Philippines - Visayas (Regions 6, 7 & 8)


Join the Philippine Marine Corps Reserve Force and Serve God, Our Country and the Filipino People through Volunteerism, Commitment, Honor, Service and Loyalty. For details, send us an email; mrbn51st@yahoo.com or naval501st@yahoo.com. Txt # 0916 409 8868, Tel # (032) 511 5133, (032) 268 0189, Fax # (032) 259 1593. You can personally visit our office at 2/F HNRCEV Bldg., Arellano Blvd., Tinago, Cebu City, Philippines - 6000


**Filipino Citizen

**Male or Female

**Height – At least 5’4” (Male); 5’2” (Female)

**18 to 65 Years Old

**Physically, Mentally and Morally Fit

**Willing to serve our country anytime through Volunteerism especially during Disaster Response and Rescue Mission

**Retired/Inactive AFP Personnel (Honorably Discharge)

**Willing to learn and be trained during Weekends

**Must be Present during Any Activity

**Basic NROTC Graduate (If not, you have to attend and complete the Basic Citizen Military Training)


**BS Degree Holder

**Graduate of Advance NROTC Training (AFPMATB Passer)

**PRC Licensed Holder/Member - Philippine Bar

**Elected/Appointed Government Official


**Preferably High School Graduate (At least Elementary School Graduate)


**Police Clearance

**NBI Clearance

**MTC Clearance

**Barangay Clearance

**Medical Certificate – Physically Fit to attend any training

Unit History/Background


51ST Marine Reserve Battalion

8th Marine Brigade-Reserve, Marine Forces Reserve Central

Philippine Marine Corps

2/F HNRCEV Bldg., Arellano Blvd., Tinago, Cebu City, Philippines - 6000

Cell No 0916 409 8868, Tel # (63-32) 511 5133, (63-32) 268 0189; Fax # (63-32) 259 1593

The 51st Marine Battalion Reserve was provisionally activated as a Ready Reserve Unit of the Naval Reserve Command, Philippine Navy on 22 October 2003 pursuant to Section 1 HNRC General Order No. 48 dated 22 October 2003 during the term of VADM ERNESTO H DE LEON AFP as FOIC, PN and COMMO ANSELMO S LEGASPI AFP as Commander, Naval Reserve Command. The activation was also made possible thru the constant efforts of the Commander, 4th Marine Brigade (Res), Philippine Marine Corps, COL DANILO L GAMBOA PN (M) (GSC) (R), the Commander of Naval Reserve Center 5, LTCOL GODOFREDO O BUCSIT PN (M) and the assistant Commandant of 504th NROTC Unit, Msgt Renante S Encabo PN (M). The unit was placed under the Operational Control of Naval Forces Central, Philippine Navy and Administrative Control of Naval Reserve Center Eastern Visayas, Naval Reserve Command, Philippine Navy. The 1st designated Battalion Commander was LTCOL JONATHAN O NUEVO PN (M) (RET). On 21 June 2006, LTC TOMAS R OSMENA (E) PN (M) (R) was designated as the Battalion Commander until present.

a.) Mission:

1.) To provide Command, Control and Administration of Marine Corps Reserve Units in Region 6, 7 & 8, in order to maintain readiness to respond to its mission mandated by R.A. 7077, which is to provide a base for the expansion of the Philippine Navy in General and the Philippine Marines Corps in particular in the event of war, invasion or rebellion;

2.) To assist in relief and rescue during disasters or calamities;

3.) To assist in Socio-Economic Development;

4.) And to assist in the operation and maintenance of essential government and/or private utilities in the furtherance of its overall mission.

b.) Functions:

1.) During Peacetime:

Support to Peace and Order Campaign i.e. Anti-Piracy, Anti-Illegal Fishing, Anti-Drug, Anti-Smuggling, Crime Watch, Security of Vital Maritime Facilities; Support to Maritime Operations i.e. Coast Watch, Transport of Personnel, Search and Rescue Operations, Intelligence, Internal Security Operations, Environmental Protection; Support to Socio-Economic Development Programs i.e. Community Development Projects, Public Assistance Programs, Marine Resources Protection/Preservation Programs, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations during Disasters.

2.) During Wartime:

a.) Augmentation and Integration into the Regular Force of the Philippine Marines Corps and subsequently assigned in the areas of Fleet and Service Support Units,

b.) Perform other functions as directed by the HQS, Philippine Navy and HQS, Philippine Marines Corps.

c.) Composition:

1.) Battalion Headquarters 2.) Headquarters Service Company

3.) 1st Rifle Company 4.) 2nd Rifle Company

5.) 3rd Rifle Company


"Where we lead, we will continue to do so; where we do not, we will regain a position of pre-eminence. From delivering cutting-edge services to the Filipino people on medical dental mission, disaster response and services to victims of calamities (man made and natural), disaster response training for the youth, to answering a simple blood donation inquiry, we will grow and retain a skilled, motivated, and customer-oriented workforce. Training and continuous learning, communications and team-building—these will be the attributes of a culture of volunteerism, commitment and achievement. At the end of each day, we will be measured by our accomplishments, not by our promises. The Filipino People expect that, and the Unit does, as well".

“Our Unit maintains Standards. We Train and Expect an Individual to perform above standards with Excellence and Honor. If a potential member thinks that he/she can’t cope up with our standards, then he/she is not future Marine personnel! And definitely not an Asset to This Unit. We Focus on Training and CMO”


I am a Marine, I never Cheat, Lie nor Steal, especially to my fellow marines or Abandon my fellow marines. I will always strive hard to do better and improve myself everyday. My mistake and fault today will never happen again tomorrow and in the coming days. I am always faithful and loyal to our organization, to my superiors, co marines and look for the benefit and welfare of my juniors. I am a strong person and determined to accomplish the goals prescribed. My word is my Honor; Our relationship is based on trust and confidence. We are bound to follow what is right and just. In everything I/We do, Security and Safety is my utmost concern. It’s a privilege and Honor to be a part of the Philippine Marine Corps Reserve Force.


They expect me to: * Come to office and report to any formation and activity . . . . on time. * Make smart decisions, * Follow directions * Concentrate on my work and tasks assign and care about the quality of my work. * Read, write and calculate well. * Recognize problems and find solutions. * Finish a job ASAP when I’m supposed to without sacrificing quality. * Be honest and dependable * Take the lead and work hard. * Communicate well and get along with other people . . . especially my seniors, peers and juniors. * Wear my uniform properly, shine everything, 3x4 haircuts for men/hairnet for women, practice good grooming and sanitation. * Be cooperative and work as a team player. * Have a positive attitude.


ARE YOU STILL A MARINE? When you join our Unit, We did not accept your Application. Only your Commitments to be one of Us. Marine Corps Reserve provides the extra depth of force the Corps needs in times of conflict, disaster response and service to community. And once called, these men and women are ready to make the difference. In life, there are moments of truth. And in those moments, the question is always the same. "Am I ready?" Marines are always ready. Strength is more than muscle. Marines believe it is possible to overcome any obstacle, becoming powerful in mind, body, and spirit. Becoming a Marine is an incredible challenge, and it starts the moment you enlist. There is much to do before recruit training, and every day of preparation is an opportunity to prepare for what is to come. Marines are legendary for their toughness. The training you receive in the Marine Corps will make you stronger, both mentally and physically, than you ever imagined because Marines must always be ready. A powerful mind is the best weapon a Marine can possess. The men and women who wear the Marine Corps uniform do so with unmistakable pride. It sends a message that patriots still exist, and that someone is looking out for our nation and its people. Everyone gets knocked down but the tough get up. Marines know victory comes not from being the strongest or fastest but from the refusal to fail. Every Marine is a leader. We're taught to act decisively, and make decisions in the midst of chaos. When discipline is present, it is evident. It is the precise control of every aspect of one's self, mental and physical. It is the bedrock of success. Marines train together, work together, and fight together. That's why we share a bond that can only be described as family. And once you're family, you're family forever. Marines are trained to act instinctively and effectively no matter the situation. The most basic Marine operates with an incredible set of skills and knowledge, and our Marines never stop evolving. No matter where or when, Marines have an obligation to each other, to the Corps, and to our country. We take that obligation everywhere with us, along with the motto that sums it up: Always Faithful. From the day a new Marine enters the Corps, he or she is heir to a legacy that reaches back in the 1950’s. Generations from now, the Marines of today will still be family to those of tomorrow. Tradition is important in Marine Corps culture. Putting our values on display honors Marines past and present, and serves as a reminder that the ideals that built the Corps sustain us still. These are a fortunate few who enjoy a loyalty so great the years cannot wash it away. Place and time have no bearing on this great bond. There are no ex-Marines, only former Marines. Every Marine past and present is an honored part of our family, responsible for handing down the values and ideals we hold high. From oldest to youngest, "Once a Marine, always a Marine." DO YOU STILL HAVE THE ABOVE TRAITS WITH YOU TODAY?, IF YES? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND STRIVE TO DO MORE. IF NOT? THEN YOU ARE NOT A MARINE. IT’S A SHAME TO WEAR THE MARINE UNIFORM.

Awards Received – As of 28 February 2010:

*73rd Cebu City Charter Day Awardee - 24 February 2010

- 51st Marine Reserve Battalion

*73rd Cebu City Charter Day Awardee - 24 February 2010


*Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Officer of the Year 2009

- LTCOL TOMAS R OSMENA 0-138683 (E) PN (M) (R)

*2009 Armed Forces of the Philippines Ready Reserve Unit of the Year (Battalion Level) (2nd time)

- 51st Marine Reserve Battalion

*2009 NAVRESCOM Reservist Enlisted Personnel of the Year 2009

- Msgt Josephine C Layco CE-R03-028652 PN (M) (R)

*2008 NAVRESCOM Reservist Officer of the Year

- LTCOL TOMAS R OSMENA 0-138683 (E) PN (M) (R)

*2008 NAVRESCOM Reservist EP of the Year


*2008 NAVRESCOM Disaster Response Unit of the Year

*2008 Outstanding Reservist ICOW 110th PN Foundation Anniversary

- LTCOL TOMAS R OSMENA 0-138683 (E) PN (M) (R)

*2007 NAVRESCOM Reservist Unit of the Year

*2007 Armed Forces of the Philippines Ready Reserve Unit of the Year (Battalion Level)

*2007 Philippine Navy’s Ready Reserve Unit of the Year (Battalion Level)

*2007 Philippine Navy’s Reservist Officer of the Year


*2007 Philippine Navy’s Enlisted Reservist of the Year

- MSgt Arturo L Bermejo CE-R03-028648 PN (M) (R)

*2006 Philippine Navy’s Ready Reserve Unit of the Year (Battalion Level)

*2006 Philippine Navy’s Enlisted Reservist of the Year

- Msgt Josephine C Layco CE-R03-028652 PN (M) (R)

*2005 Philippine Navy’s Ready Reserve Unit of the Year (Battalion Level)

*Special Award from the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines on September 2005.

*2005 Philippine Navy’s Reservist Officer of the Year

- 1LT TITO P RANARA 0-114814 PN (M) (R)

For meritorious accomplishments in the area of Public Affairs like, Symposium/Public Forum, Press, Radio and TV Releases, Advocacy and Information Campaigns and Community Dialogue. This also includes Activities on Civil Affairs like; Medical/Dental/Optical Civic Action Program (MEDOCAP), Disaster Operations and Equipment Transfers, Management and Control of Evacuees and Dislocated Persons, Environmental Concerns (Tree planting), Environmental Coastal Clean Up, Youth and Sports Development, Construction and Repair (Gawad Kalinga), Cleanliness and Beautification Projects (Brigada Eskwela), Other cause oriented activities, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) Operations, Humanitarian and Civic Assistance (HCA) Projects, Military Support to Civil Authorities (MSCA), Blood Letting Activities, Crowd Control, Regular Trainings and Inter operability Training Exercises, like;

*Fleet Marine Exercise Pagsisikap 2008

*Annual Reenactment of US Forces Landing in Talisay City. Cebu

*RP-US Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Exercise 2009